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Restaurant and Bar has a large area and are part of an environment entirely of wood, suitable for any kind of event that can be arranged. The restaurant is stylish, modern, comfortable, entertaining and of course a very warm and attractive for customers.
Culinary Specialty.  Our cooking is based on that traditional Albanian food where you can find special gamy, different daily specialties and Mediterranean cooking. Selected options are varied and cooked at moment. From these you can distinguish wild pork, wild rabbit, pheasant and not missing the seafood that also add a different taste at your table. Restaurant offers excellent barbecue, the taste of cooked with finesse by our professional cookers.
Menu of our Bar is rich with traditional and foreign drinks, where you can taste different cocktails. Bar and restaurant also offers a very good selection of wine and sweets.
Ballkoni Dajtit  has meant only for adults but also for children which has earmarked part of its space for toys. There, children can spend pleasant hours, playing with each other and of course giving the opportunity and their parents to spend as nice facilities at our restaurant & bar.
Environment for Barbeque.  Ballkoni Dajtit restaurant invites you to spend wonderful hours in your favorite environment, where nature within a pleasant lunch with family or society, enjoy the best.




Special of “Ballkoni”

From Ballkoni i Dajtit you will have a combination of two very beautiful landscapes: Mountain of Dajti and the city of Tirana. The wonderful view that offers Ballkoni i Dajtit is an absolute bonus for everyone that comes to our restaurant in every season.

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Ballkoni Dajtit
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